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Welcome to Sheepskin and Things Ltd

Canadian Mukluks, and Moccasins Specialists


Are you searching for an online store to buy mukluks, moccasins, fur hats, or gloves. We sell Quality Canadian made mukluks, moccasins, fur hats, gloves and Native American Indian apparel. 

Our famous brand of Tecumseh Canada mukluks, moccasins, fur hats, and gloves are made in Canada with genuine Canadian suede, fur, and are lined with Merino wool. 

You will also find our Line of Authentic Canadian Mukluks, moccasins and mitts in that have been added to our new arrivals section.

Authentic Canadian Mukluks Canada - If you want a mukluk that goes just below your knee then this is the best fit for you. The Authentic Canadian Mukluks 15 inches in height, made with genuine Canadian suede. The bead pattern on the upper and vamp are hand sewn with glass beads. The Authentic Canadian Mukluks beaded colour varies and is a reflection of Native Indian tradition. The Mukluks are lined with sheepskin. Your feet will not be disappointed when you put our mukluks on.

The Authentic Canadian Short Mukluks - If you want mukluks that go half way up your calf then these Mukluks are the best fit. The Authentic Canadian Mid Calf Mukluks beaded mukluks measures 10 inches high and are made with genuine Canadian leather. The bead pattern on the and vamp are made with glass beads that are hand sewn with attention to detail. The Authentic Canadian Mukluks bead colour and pattern is a reflection of Native Tradition. The Mukluks are lined with sheepskin. Sheepskin is one of the softest types of footwear materials around due to it's fine fibres and smaller scales. Sheepskin is known to regulate body temperature especially when worn against the skin. Sheepskin also provides warmth , without overheating the wearer. It draws moisture away from the skin keeping your feet dry and comfortable without feeling wet. When wearing your Authentic Mukluks during the fall and winter months the sheepskin has microscopic cortices of dead air, trapping body heat keeping your feet warm all day long in the winter, and cool in the summer.

The Concho Moccasin Boot - If  you want to buy a moccasin boot that goes just above your ankle. The Tecumseh Canada concho moccasin boots in chocolate are just what you need. The moccasin boots come in a multitude of leather, and suede colours, can include bead or no bead. pictured In the photo is the chocolate suede concho moccasin boots. Made with genuine Canadian suede, the upper fringe adorns an Indian braid trim to reflecting traditional Native design. The bead pattern on the vamp are made with glass beads that are hand sewn. The traditional gum sole adds additional comfort to the moccasin boots by absorbing shock with each step your take.

The Authentic Moccasins With Rabbit Fur - Looking for the perfect fur moccasin to buy. This is it! The Authentic moccasins with rabbit fur that are lined with sheepskin. As mentioned above sheepskin is a high quality lining to keep your feet warm, dry, and comfortable while wearing your moccasins. The Authentic moccasins in the photo are made with genuine Canadian suede. The bead pattern on the vamp are made with glass beads that are hand sewn with attention to detail. The bead patterns and colours vary depending on the artists mood. The Rabbit fur moccasins are available in many colours and styles.

If you are interested in purchasing a pair of Tecumseh Mukluks, Authentic mukluks, and moccasins or any other product be sure to visit our store to view our whole collection of mukluks, and moccasins by Tecumseh Canada, Authentic Mukluks Canada and other brands. 

We ship worldwide .

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Contact us USA/Canada : 1 403 768 2522

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